Network Equipment Provider

To stay ahead in the network equipment provider (NEP) industry, it is incumbent on players to embrace emerging technologies including network function visualisation (NFV), software defined networking (SFD), analytics and cloud services.


Data traffic volumes and patterns are increasing exponentially leading to pressure on bandwidth. Cloud technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly catching the fancy of business enterprises. The demand of enterprises is for connectivity, and NEP must respond with a transformation plan that envisages a transition of existing network services, embedded with cutting edge technology, that is synchronised with the digital universe.

Concept to Delivery

The NEP service package will encompass conceptualisation, design, delivery, implementation, hand holding and end-to-end support, integral to technology stabilization and transformation. Successful outcomes are contingent upon flexibility of approach and robust security, managed across individual work designs, integrated into the over-arching architecture, centering on business objectives and functionalities that deliver time defined outcomes.

Business – Network Cogency

The infrastructure will be tailored to enhance compatibility between the business goals and the network offerings, advancing the movement towards centralized management across globally dispersed units of one enterprise.

Network Enhancements

Solution planning combined with profound understanding of existing network architectures leads to design and creation of a ‘critical value centre’ through delivery of highly intelligent network integration designs and infrastructure.

Maximizing Network Assets

Extracting value from current network infrastructure through dovetailing of legacy assets with next generation technologies is imperative in order to maximize network assets. Capital outlays are trimmed and operational expenses curtailed while agility and performance improves.

Customer Service

Take customer services standards to the next level by infusing innovative services linked to network equipment events in real time. Customer loyalty and revenue spends improve, customer experience is consistent, added business prospects are unlocked, and deployment of the network infrastructure is optimized.

Integration of Facilities

Integration of the network equipment and the IT architectures improves user experiences by managing flexibility across fixed and wireless infrastructures (delivering in-built flexibility to adapt to change). Customer satisfaction is the winner.

Managing Efficiency

Adherence to service agreement standards and the quest to upgrade service standards is fulfilled by ensuring advanced service standards monitoring infrastructure that provides feedback related to operational dislocations and inefficiencies supported by prompt remedial action.

Comprehensive Approach

Provide a full canvas approach that comprises concept clarity, solution discovery, architecture configuration, blueprint designs, project planning, implementation, start-up, operations, commissioning and management, culminating in intelligent network infrastructure based solutions. Hardware, software, business support systems (BSS), operations support systems (OSS), session description protocol (SDP), analytics and business intelligence (BI) are delivered in one comprehensive package.

Systems Integration

Best in class architecture may call for a collaborated vendor approach by the NEP with multi disciplinary strengths in systems integration, skilled professionals armed with tools, academic knowledge and experiential learning, and trusted, proven methodologies that deliver expected results consistently including network life cycle management, automation of work flows and specific tasks, and network analytics.

Risk Management

The processes managed on the equipment must be repeatable, and documented results in conformity with predetermined parameters that are based on internationally accepted best practices and global standards.

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