Enterprise Mobility

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Enterprise Mobility

The ubiquitous smartphone has become an integral part of the landscape of the information technology industry. Business enterprises regard mobility as a key enabler for business expansion. Nearly every person holds a smartphone making it virtually the first choice touch point for enterprises to communicate with customers, employees, business partners and share-holders. Mobility is perceived as the epitome of engagement and efficiency.

Service Canvass

Enterprise mobility service providers offer solutions that combine technological excellence and commercial viability. The service canvass must encompass in-depth understanding of the enterprise, ideation, designing of concept blueprints, project execution and post execution management.

Mobility Solutions

Mobility solution could be sliced many ways – business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), business to enterprise (B2E), and across a multitude of industries. Solution paradigm would be unique, contingent upon the industry in which the enterprise is operating and also the industries in which its end products have utility. An enterprise could have a customer base that is spread over the automobile, healthcare, plastics, engineering and retail industry. Selecting a business partner with intellectual prowess and field experience in dissimilar industries is critical for efficient execution and management of solutions.


Enterprise mobility services must inter-connect with the overall IT architecture of the enterprise. The objective of delivering personalized services to mobile device users is built on premises of access to user location and user profile, friendly presentation of content on mobile screens, and mitigation of risk emanating from mobile connectivity, making for a customer-user experience that is richly enhanced and opens business opportunities.


Digital technology, in concert with enterprise mobility, allows enterprises to create device specific web pages, assimilate native apps, and disseminate and analyze real time inputs based on technologically inspired context awareness. The delivery of highly personalized content to users through mobility, hugely expands probability of revenue growth and maturity of business opportunities.


Enterprises realize that enterprise mobility platforms are the fastest way to transition to a digital transformation. Mobility initiatives are the essence of business growth and involve simplified access through customized data packs or open wi-fi networks, drag and drop features, delivery of personalized messages prompted by location finding, improved sales promotion, truncation of approval time, and real time responses for problem resolution.