The discerning, future focused vision of airline industry executives is increasingly drawn to a search for solutions that, while profitable for the airline, will create a unique travel experience for customers; one which is created by employees and suppliers playing an intrinsic, wholly collaborative role using cutting edge technology.

Data Analytics

The results of data analytics are destined to revolutionize the management of the airline industry with its definitive, decision oriented output. Whether for business development programs, dynamic pricing, customer loyalty schemes, flight scheduling or assets utilization, analytics helps informed, profit driven outcomes. An added advantage of advanced analytics is the processing and supply of past trends, intelligent data and predictive finding on real time basis. Decision makers are empowered to implement resolution oriented, best fit decisions on the go.

Advantage Business Travelers

Network modules facilitate route planning by business users who can make decisions taking into account on-time performance of arrivals and departures, flight connectivity, cost per airline mile, estimated ancillary costs, etc. The simulation also allows airlines to make an assessment of cost per flight-mile, load factor, revenue per seat mile and operating margin, leading to informed decisions for optimum asset utilization.

Social Media Know-how

Harnessing of the power of social media will contribute to meaningful engagement with existing and potential clientele. Expertise in social media management to generate word-of-mouth publicity and capitalize on collective traveler wisdom to enhance future customer experience is the way forward. Social media though, can be a double edged sword, and the possibility of adverse opinion going viral, especially if posted by a customer with a large following, can have a huge downside for the enterprise. Nevertheless, in a connected world, social media engagement is a must-have for customer relationship management and can be a winner if astutely managed.

Personalized Services – A Touch of Class

Personalized services that are best in class at all touch-points, whether in-flight, on ground, on digital platforms or on IVRS, are the key to building customer loyalty. Easily navigable digital channels bring the advantage of significant economy in customer acquisition and outstanding service delivery. Offering customers a suite of services for flight booking, check-in, electronic document validation, flight cancellation and rebooking, and baggage recovery is the kind of start to finish solution that will differentiate the outstanding enterprise from the mediocre.

Cargo Solutions

With cargo shipments becoming a significant contributor to the revenue stream, Unit Load Device (ULD) management through RFID is a solution technology that tracks cargo loads and cargo handling equipment, and is a sure fire winner for minimizing baggage thefts and demurrage. Digital documentation has a catalytic role to play in making the air cargo business far more transparent, flexible and agile.

Value of App Technology

Mobile based apps equipped with aircraft movement data, maintenance schedules, flight linked engineering reports, and flight crew feedback have the potential to be the fulcrum of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) systems contributing to minimal down-time, real time knowledge of fleet availability and adherence to safety regulations.

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