Media, Entertainment & Publishing

The media, entertainment and publishing industry is no new-comer to the world of technology. There has been an exponential growth in digital content, and cut-throat competition for capturing eye-balls. Enterprises are called to analyse deliveries in the context of changing demographics, the mushrooming of smartphones and whimsicality of customers.

Convergence Strategy

Digital is indispensable in the industry, whether addressed to content creators, editors, viewers, publishers, broadcasters, or advertisers. Increasingly, the convergence to digital is becoming compelling and business intelligent, enabling the process to be more responsive.

Delivery Excellence

Digital empowers the enterprise to launch the content in the market earlier thereby accelerating the start of revenue flows. Streamlined processes lead to slick production and pruning of costs.

Content Diversity

A digital solution encompasses the gamut of activities from content authoring to content creation and transformation, editorial systems, content aggregation, content archiving, workflow collaboration, search and indexing, and IP rights protection.

Content Monetization

The demand for newness has drastically shrunk content life. Digital technology allows for the exploitation of even the shortened life span through program-centric but subdued advertising allowing for generation of revenue streams.

Marketing and Distribution

Digital marketing will leverage mobile advertising and social media, focusing on targeted audiences, social e-commerce and social media marketing. Digital technology will enable multi-channel distribution of content, circulation management and hosting on content sharing portals.


Digital technology has seen the advent of time-shifting function empowering consumers to view a broadcast program that has been recorded, by eliminating the advertisements, though broadcast advertisers alive to the development have combated the development through in-content product advertising and ambush marketing.

Reinvention of print media

Traditional print media is reinventing itself through online avatars in the form of e-readers and online news portals. Every consumer is also a potential reporter and the enterprises that develop structures to build more intense connects with, and enable higher reader participation will steal a march on their competitors.


Data analytics researches the footprints of customer behaviour by tracking the click path, content consumption, and distribution analytics outcomes. Tailor made content for specific demographics and geographies are a calculated outcome of the interpretation of data analyses.


Internet enabled smartphones will be the dominant viewing media in the not too distant future. Media and entertainment industry must deliver content offerings, replete with straightforward visibility and crystal clear clarity, to mobile screens. Diversity of content will acquire added importance as there will be demand for content for both sophisticated touch screens at the higher end of the market and also for simpler, more functional, monochrome devices.

Social Media

Tracking the phenomenally bewildering activity of consumers on social media will provide media and entertainment enterprises with deep insights into their opinions and expectations. This becomes valuable data for publishing and content creation enterprises who are thereby equipped to conceive and release tailor made content that suits the tastes and preferences of consumers.

Cloud Services

Content and content delivery systems and solutions stored on a cloud create an environment for anytime, anywhere access and fluid distribution.

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