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There is not merely an expectation, but a mounting demand from citizens, for governments to connect more closely with them as primary stakeholders in public affairs. E-governance is an inescapable part of the future government roadmap given increasing citizen activism. Process re-engineering of government initiatives must target closer citizen contact, simplification of resource management, outstanding service standards, cost economy, and improved productivity.

Technology Adoption

E-governance is far from being a brand new concept and there is empirical evidence that it is a high value proposition that confers measurable benefits on citizens. The case for technology adoption in government is built on:

  • Proof of concept, incorporating experiential assessment and project implementation guidance for value driven proposals with quantifiable return on investment (ROI) parameters.
  • Comprehensive project management proficiency encompassing administrative, financial, budgetary, legal, compliance, environmental, and security aspects.
  • Devising of simple, standardized, user friendly forms that minimise language as a barrier to citizen communication with government.

Technology Outcomes

  • Streamlining of government processes leading ultimately to seamless flow of data across the IT architecture.
  • Transparency in government services across domains by enabling online tracking of requests and applications with integrated alerts to citizens regarding adherence to established service delivery time frames.
  • Online repositories for secure storage of citizen specific information synthesised with integration of services and platforms allowing for data sharing through Application Programming Interfaces (API).
  • Interoperable deliveries between government, and citizens and businesses through customised middleware / gateways.

Technology Solutions

  • Harnessing of technology advantages empowers citizens through far more affordable services, delivering real time information virtually to their doorsteps.
  • Public healthcare quality can be closely monitored, and clinical and diagnostic services are more easily accessed.
  • Citizens are enabled to participate more actively and effectively in management of public infrastructure such as roads, railways, parks, hospitals, waterworks, waste management and power supply. Information regarding deficits and breakdowns can be immediately notified and status updates provided to stake-holding citizens.
  • Transparent and error free provision of social services including disbursals of subsidies through the use of biometrics, iris scans, etc. for foolproof identification of beneficiaries and direct transfer of benefits to linked bank accounts.
  • Improvement in administration of revenue and taxation systems through integration of data uploading and processing on a single platform. Leakages can be effectively plugged and taxpayers provided with a clear, current picture of compliance.
  • Adherence to fiscal discipline and budget management by operating departments is strengthened by insertion of algorithms that preclude breach of preset limits.

Technology Transparency

The fully automated workflow of government departments and agencies with crystal clear process visibility to citizens will fructify into citizen empowerment as active partners in governance, prompt government responses, early resolution of disputes, transfer of focus from output to outcomes and a dynamic, result oriented work culture.

Smart technology makes for smart governance with a potent blend of world class technology and global best practices that deliver a comprehensive end to end solution encompassing hardware, software, and applications that address the needs of union, state, city, town and village governments.

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