Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The integration of technology into the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences industry has the inherent capacity to create a scenario in which the patients and their kin experience no trauma other than that caused directly by medical circumstances.

Mobile Technology

The widening smartphone footprint with internet enabled services, opens avenues for real time patient-doctor connect for consulting services. Portals provide round-the-clock tele-health services, availability of specialized treatment, beds, blood, drugs, equipment, which are growing in demand given changing demographics and rising levels of per capita incomes. Tele-health also bridges the gap in reaching quality health consulting services to the rural hinterland.

The Move to Digital

Electronic health record systems assure more efficient patient service delivery, and the centralized database, that captures all aspects of patient health records, minimises the risk of medical error. Emergent concepts such as e-Diagnostics, e-Pharmacy, e-Insurance and e-Referrals will result in the building of a holistic architecture that will provide calibrated information access to patients and healthcare professionals, anytime and anywhere.

Cloud Storage

Medical professionals are more than happy to store medical records in a cloud based infrastructure. Access is available without reference to geographical location and specific device availability. Easy accessibility to patient records enables the delivery of consulting services and prescriptive advice to patients round-the-clock in the event of a medical emergency.


Data mining techniques from cloud aggregated information, in fusion with analytics applications, could revolutionize transactional processes for clinical data management and advisory services. Mobile technology contemplates direct uploading of key inputs such as weight, fasting and post-prandial blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol readings, et al by patients on personalized platforms. Analytics programs correlate real time inputs with historical data and deliver interpretational output to the healthcare professional who then makes an informed decision regarding the advisable therapy. Online compilation of patient histories integrated with symptoms, responses to drug therapies and ailment recurrences also contributes to analyses of trends that lead to medical breakthroughs in treatment.

Future Proofing Business

The life science industry is faced with decelerating R&D outcomes, mounting regulations, cost control demands, price inelasticity and patent challenges. Marrying technology solutions to the operation demands will address the issues through a domain specific, best in place technology that spans the value chain of the enterprise.

Disease Control

Technology offers immeasurable benefits to healthcare professionals in their struggle against disease control. Specially designed software programs can classify diseases by geographical occurrence, observable causes, demographics, and symptoms, and allow for compilation of massive databases, with back end analytics to convert the data into intelligible form and guide measures to isolate cause circumstances, mitigate trauma, and suggest best therapy. Data retrieval and real time analytics contribute to disease management and generally enhanced healthcare outcomes.

Improved Healthcare

At the healthcare frontline, the use of hand held scanners that instantly capture and upload patient data, including vital signs, and pathology and lab data, seamlessly into a centralized database has revolutionised the ability of the system to provide exceptional healthcare and competently deal with emergencies.

Thus, digital technology solutions improve patient access to healthcare, result in better outcomes and offer cost economy.

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