A decade of rewarding experiences in Software Development, Web Development, Website and Logo Design, CMS & E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization and Conversion, Business Application & Development, Mobile Application Development, Graphic Design and more, has made Sphere Rays a preferred service provider for enterprises in search of accelerated value creation. Sphere Rays is synonymous with excellence in adaptive, scalable digital technology, designed and customised to deliver outcomes that exceed customer expectations.

Sphere Rays continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as financial, energy, business services, consumer products.


Teamwork, innovation and transparency are the key components of the Sphere Rays culture. We believe that great ideas can emanate from any team member, and actively encourage knowledge sharing and idea outbreaks with only one objective – to be the best in the business.

Sphere Rays Advantage

Sphere Rays is a catalytic digital innovation partner with core competencies spanning system architectures – integrated, distributed, pooled and converged, and for a spectrum of industries and services. We focus not on output, but on outcomes that delight customers. Intelligent designs, innovative investment ideas, and customer-centric collaborative spirit are trademark advantages of the Sphere Rays relationship.

Our Approach

The hallmarks of Sphere Rays approach are an insight led understanding of customers’ business models, future strategies, and aspirational outcomes which form the pivot for advising purposeful solutions with focus on transformative, forward-looking, and smart technologies that feature investment economy but fast-track efficiencies and build value.


Meticulous, painstaking research is a hallmark of Sphere Rays style. A potent synthesis of competently researched, leading edge academic inputs and exceptional experiential learning makes Sphere Rays a powerhouse in the design and implementation of solution that transforms mere hypotheses into a living reality.

Leadership Team

Preetam Kumble is a M. Sc. (Information Technology and Computer Applications) from Saurashtra University who was also instrumental in the launch of ‘God Host’ in March 2008. ‘God Host’ provides web hosting and domain services.

Hardik Dangar holds a Masters degree in Information Technology, and is an aficionado of knowledge related to virtual neural networks and machine learning, especially the idea of establishing synergistic language connections between humans and machines.

Anup Joshi, a Masters in Science (Information Technology and Computer Applications), was the spearhead of the innovative Sphere Rays Gold and Diamond Production ERP software, a custom designed initiative, that synthesised communication and data loops across the value chain of enterprises.

Our Team

The Sphere Rays team is propelled by a we-can-do-it attitude that has witnessed the delivery of better than contracted outcomes. Sphere Rays is a friend, philosopher and guide to its clients, and performance is invariably excellent on a consistent basis.

Corporate Sustainability

Sphere Rays believes not in specific performance of contracts, but in building of relationships. The aspirations of every stake-holder in the corporate environment are treated with respect, and business policies and strategies are guided by all-round, enduring value creation.

Values and Ethics

Transparency, integrity, impeccable ethical standards and an ethos of continuous improvement are an integral part of the corporate philosophy of Sphere Rays.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Sphere Rays office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Our business is a fast-paced, innovation-driven industry and we could rise to the challenge because of Sphere Rays timely updates and superlative service. With an exceptional set of designers and programmers, Sphere Rays has delivered as promised.

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