The future of a forward looking business is closely connected to a cogent knowledge preservation and dissemination eco-system. Digital warehousing of inputs, easy accessibility of learning documents and testimonies, and real time review and enrichment of practices and solutions are the bedrock of a structured approach to organisation, administration and supervision of a learning process.

Web Driven Learning

Web based creation, management, delivery techniques, and archives of learning content that are state-of-the-art and accessible in diverse formats and on multiple devices is of the essence in a post-modern knowledge sharing environment. Web based learning content must have resilient security features that diligently control access to the content thereby protecting its integrity. A sophisticated in-built search operation is an essentiality that would significantly prune costs incurred on help desk management.

Customised Knowledge Transfer

The treasury of the knowledge store, dovetailed with the outcome of psychometric evaluations, will facilitate development of customized knowledge transfer packages which will lead to optimization of investment in Learner specific pedagogy. Learner solutions will be more efficiently delivered and the turnaround time for making human resources of enterprises battle ready for the market will be quicker.

Learner Assessment and Feedback

Competency reviews that identify desired intellectual inputs for specific functionalities, and to prepare select employees for operational diversity are integral to ideal deployment of web based learning investments. At the far end of the process, the system must provide for a digital assessment of Learner improvement to evaluate the efficacy of the Learning solution, and assimilate Learner feedback on the process.

Digital Interaction

The post-modern Learner is in quest of not only digital interactive learning but instant, anytime learning. The ability to reach the Learner on a mobile device is essential as that instrument has become the foremost choice for access of online knowledge. That the Learner may also store data on pen drives and tablets is an added safeguard that provides access flexibility.
Virtual classrooms allow for engagement between peer Learners, and between Learners and mentors through chat rooms, audio and video, making knowledge sharing more vibrant. Cloud hosting of the learning environment will trim infrastructure costs.


The repository of knowledge should be full and comprehensive. Analytics then correlates academic background and experiential environment of the Learner to direct the Learner to a personalized curriculum for appropriate career building. Added value could be offerings to Learner of specific leads to employment opportunities that could culminate in long term employment.

Missing Link

The Teacher-Learner ratio is skewed creating a situation of chasm between the demand for learning and the supply, a space that is waiting to be bridged through e-Learning. Digitally inspired interactive classrooms and content management systems are initiatives that could bridge this divide. Independent learning through digital processes is the future structure that will revolutionise the education domain. Delivery of knowledge streams to desiring Learners across multiple devices will be at the heart of the paradigm shift that is waiting to happen. The education industry must envision itself not merely as a purveyor of sterile instructions but as a key participant in creating an e-Learning culture through a sustainable digital learning initiative.

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